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For Anti-Diabetes Culture Day

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LECCE – Prevention of diabetes is the theme of the fifth day of “Music and Medicine” – the Lecce Classical Festival, information and prevention concerts organized by Agmi (Association of Young Italian Musicians) sponsored, among others, by the Higher Institute of Health, the Ministries of Health, Culture and Education, the Puglia Region and the Province of Lecce . The festival aims to bring together musical culture and scientific culture in a series of eight days dedicated to prevention and some medical issues of great importance and social impact.

It is no coincidence that the meeting takes place on Saturday 12 November coinciding with the World Diabetes Day, the World Diabetes Day, and aims to shed light on the different aspects of the disease and the possibility of prevention through correct lifestyles. During the morning there will be free examinations and medical examinations at two stations located in Piazza Sant’Aronzo and the Castromediano Museum. The visits are aimed at assessing and diagnosing risks.

8 p.m., at “S. Castromedianoā€¯, will start the Duo Harmonique, composed by Italian pianist Andrea Carbonara and Lithuanian clarinetist Jonas Morkonas. The duo, born from the successful meeting of artists in Switzerland and which led them to perform in Italy and Europe, will present two masterpieces from the clarinet and piano repertoire: the sonatas of Johannes Brahms and Camille Sainte. Sainz.

Following a meeting to highlight the importance of timely diagnosis of diabetes to prevent complications and ensure a better quality of life. In fact, about one million people in Italy are unknowingly infected with the disease and therefore not treated, and thus prefer the appearance of the many complications associated with it.

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The meeting will be attended by speakers Irene Alemanno, Simona Bray, Fernanda Pisano, Isabella Romano, endocrinologists. Sonia Pirosi, MD, pediatrician. Maria Stella, Dietitian and Dietitian, Moderate Rosalia Serra, Head of the Citadelilla Della Salute Lecce Endocrinology/Diabetes Regional Business Unit and Head of AMD Puglia Division. Also among the guest speakers are Bruno Massari, President of the Salento Diabetes Association, and Francesco Medina, President of the Pediatric Diabetes Association of Salento Agde, Italy.

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