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In March, let’s not miss out on this classic Italian movie because it’s one of the most beautiful ever

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March is the month that will mark the centenary of the birth of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century, Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In many Italian cities, events such as fairs or performances are organized in honor of this eclectic and controversial figure.

Not only an author, but also a director, journalist and much more. Among the films born of Pasolini’s mind we find the very famous “Acatoni” but also “Mama Roma” with the wonderful film Anna Magnani.

The themes in the film, released in 1962, resume those of Pasolini’s first film, Acaton. An overview of the life of the Roman suburbs for that segment of humanity that inhabited them.

One difference compared to Pasolini’s first film is that the protagonist in this case is a woman, specifically a prostitute.

Subjects and characters so dear to Pasolini who will always deal with that part of society that is marginalized and desperate for social salvation.

Social redemption, although highly desirable, is also seldom achieved because of the difficulty of association with the bourgeoisie and other classes.

In March, let’s not miss out on this classic Italian movie because it’s one of the most beautiful ever

The main character, Mama Roma, a prostitute who, after freeing herself from the control of her protector, decides to summon her distant son to her.

The son is not aware of his mother’s business and is careful not to tell him about it. He moves into an apartment on the outskirts of Rome and seeks some kind of social redemption by starting work in a local market.

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Over time, the son will find out everything and begin to commit a crime to the tragic end.

The relationship between mother and child is analyzed in detail by Pasolini who also focuses on difficulties in expressing feelings.

A sad humanity cannot aspire to social salvation even by committing itself. The impossibility of reaching a new dimension and escaping an unfortunate fate.

where do you see it

So in March, let’s not miss out on this classic Italian movie altogether because it will make us reflect on and enrich our cultural background.

To view this masterpiece, it is enough to log into YouTube, the film is freely available and subtitled in English.

Those interested in this genre will also be able to see the movie “Accattone” and Antonioni’s masterpiece “the nightBut on Amazon Prime Video.

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