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Gyassi: “The coach is a football expert. An important challenge against the Bundesliga team”

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Emmanuel Gyasi, since the retirement of Santa Cristina, has played the responsibility in light of today’s match against Bochum: “It will be an important test against the Bundesliga team. We arrived well on time, we are ready, and we hope to do well in the match”. Big Papa, born in 1994, will play for the Eagles in his fifth season in the white shirt, after landing in the Gulf in 2018. Since then Gyassi has become a constant focus for the Eagles, scoring historic goals such as the Frosinone win. In the 2020 qualifiers, the one in Udine last May that staked redemption in the A, those very important encounters I achieved were against Venice at ‘Picco’ and at San Siro against Milan. Gyasi’s great association with the whites has always been demonstrated by their signature and intrinsic performances, but also with the signing of a contract renewal, last January, despite Sassuolo’s flattery. An unforgettable gesture for the fans. The famous attacking eagle said the moment the new team passed by: “The preparation is going well. This year things are going in the right direction, compared to last year when we were not able to work. Physically we are in good shape. Our group is young with positive energy, everyone He trains with the application and listens to the instructions of the coach. Positive words towards the new coach Guti: “We get to know each other with the coach, the impression is positive. He is an expert person who knows football, we try to understand what he is asking of us and put it” into practice.

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