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The new joker has been arrested

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Really complicated period for ad More generally for Warner Bros.. , which could lead to having to deal with a new problem with the image: after condition Ezra MillerNews comes too Barry Keoghan has been arrested.

The 29-year-old ended up handcuffed last weekend DublinAccording to local Irish sources. Police were called Sunday at an apartment complex in the capital after receiving calls about a man on a balcony in the city Clear state of change. Barry Keoghan arrested for ‘public order incident He was taken to the station, but according to media reports, he was then released without any charges being brought and with only a simple warning.

There should be no consequences for Keoghan, but whether or not they intend to take action remains to be seen. The actor – originally from Dublin himself – has risen to prominence in recent weeks thanks to a cut scene Batman from Matt ReevesAnd which explains a new version of joker. In addition, in November he was among the heroes of the new group of heroes marvel at eternityin part from Druig.

Although mild and without consequences, for DC it’s the second case of a co-starring in the franchise who ended up in handcuffs: a case Ezra Miller, arrested in Hawaii Indeed, he is at the center of the storm for this famous video in which he puts his hands on a woman’s neck. For Warner, on the other hand, arithmetic rises again, because in addition to Keoghan and Miller, of course, she had to deal with mathematics with the question Johnny Depp.

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Therefore, if it is used in those parts to deal with problematic actors, people’s response may be different Marvel Studioswho have always been particularly strict about the behavior that the actors and actresses in the franchise should maintain and stop.

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