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All Doubts About Italian Atlanta – Il Tempo

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US leaders also commented on the government crisis that occurred in Italy, with a White House spokesman being deeply vexed on the issue: “We do not comment on domestic political issues. The United States respects and supports the Italian constitutional process. The United States and Italy are close allies, enjoying With a strong partnership based on the shared values ​​of democracy, human rights and economic prosperity. We will continue to work closely together on various important priorities, including supporting Ukraine against Russia’s aggression.”

Far from the front’s words, as La Stampa reports, one looks beyond Draghi with some trepidation. No tremors in Washington, no return to pro-Russian vacillation as in the past. Or at least not sharply. But even a government that claims to be Atlanticist in word and principle can well intervene in American actions. This means that the line of behavior in the whole series of files in which two sides of the Atlantic have so far been going hand in hand, an example on the side of Ukraine and the war with Russia is the hard line on China, or the US military position. . In the Mediterranean, which is based on bases and outposts in Italy, it can stumble in the name of a different definition of national interests” analysis of the Turin newspaper.

As evidence of this, the reasoning carried out by an American diplomat with a long history of Italian acquaintances was also reported: “I fear being able to withstand a certain kind of pressure from new and untested politicians.” They in Washington are carefully watching the outcome of the elections scheduled for September 25: a date that will also have repercussions for the future of NATO.

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