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In linear hockey, sniper under the age of 12 begins Marco Liberati SRL with a trio of successes

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Civitavecchia – Youth Championship Hockey in the line NS Sniper Marco Liberati SRL Civitavecchia in category under 12.

On Sundays at PalaMercuri Civitavecchia Team Led by Coaches Laura Giannini NS Martina Gavazzi, won all the meetings scheduled in focus, quite clearly: 16-2 The Barry B, 17-1 The Barry NS 6-2 aI am the mammoth of Rome.
On the captain’s shields Stefano Travglioneand author of Ben 22 goals.

“It was a beautiful day for sports – President Ricardo Valentini confirms – Because after a long difficult period due to the epidemic, it was good to return to breathing almost normal air. Being under 12 in the entry class, there were many kids on our first outing ever, both on our team and the other teams, and the excitement was palpable. Winning is rewarding but in these categories certainly not the main purpose: seeing children have fun, socializing and working towards the same goal with one body and one soul was undoubtedly the greatest victory. I hope that for many of them Sunday will be just the first day of a long and happy journey together.”

I Present: Adriano Bassetti, Stefano Travaglione, Ludovica Giancola, Chiara and Simone de Meo, Miguel Mili, Michael Cacciatori, Emmanuel Tranquili.

(Photo by Maurilio Mandolfo)

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