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The busiest cities in the world: 3 Italians feature in the top 10 | We've all gone through that at least once in our lives

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Traffic – –

Car traffic and roads in general are, for us Italians, one of the constants and in some ways the most reactionary problem with which we can and must deal: there are few doubts about this. Just look around.

Everywhere we see cars: dozens, Hundreds and thousands of machines. There is no longer, or almost no, time of day or night when there is no risk of a traffic jam, or of being over. Bottled, From spending hours and hours stuck in the car.

the passage It is the ever-present Sword of Damocles that has been hanging over us since morning Follow up, And there's not much we can do about it, except curse ourselves with rage frustrationBecause we generate it ourselves. But what would the solutions be?

There are too many cars, the number we consider necessary to be able to move around for our daily obligations, and too few roads, alternatives, the Strategic solutions They don't just appear Painkillers.

And what is the result? Which, as they say in the jargon, “the paper sings”. Thus, at each turning point, year after year, the statistics follow each other Reports, analysis And education, The result is always the same for us: we are overwhelmed with traffic.

Traffic in the world, Italy is in really bad shape

in Italy, Traffic is pervasive, intrusive, unbearably present. It is no coincidence that it is at the top of the rankings of top cities Traffic level In the whole world there are three Italian cities. A society in which we have all been, more or less, at least once. However, by driving, we may risk staying there for too long: Bottledprecisely.

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The latest statistics in chronological order are: Traffic indicator from TomTom It is famous for its navigation mechanisms, which explains how it is done 3 Italian cities They are in the ranking of the most crowded in the world: among these, only they are in the top ten. The busiest city in the world isn't Italian: it belongs there london, Which in 2023 saw a distance of ten kilometers covered 37 minutes and 20 seconds on average. to Rome, What is our city like by definition?

Traffic pressure - -
Traffic pressure – –

From Rome to Milan, the famous national traffic centre

Rome according to T numbersraffic indicator by TomTom The travel time is approximately 10 kilometers in 26 minutes and 30 seconds: giving the Eternal City 13th place Among the most crowded cities in the world. Behind Rome are the capitals of ComMexico City, Sapporo, Paris And not only.

But it is Milan The worst city with a 10 km time of 28 minutes and 50 seconds. It's in bad shape too Turin.

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