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Has WhatsApp written to you? Check the status and maybe you will find this surprise

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A strange notice has reached millions of European users registered on the WhatsApp platform. But if many ignored it, it was the response to the European Commission’s request to share data with America.

A message to Europe from the Meta group about WhatsApp services. –

after February 18 On The WhatsApp A message that many ignored emerged as yet another privacy policy. Behind, however, there is a great exchange between the fatherTo the European Commission and the Community Half which took place in January 2021.

To be precise, a letter containing one invitation More transparency in data usage, by European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. As European users see information about them being shared with US business partners, the need was clear. Include the same problem Facebook and Instagram.

The message from WhatsApp contained exactly that, Call for details on the use of personal data. By opening the information, you can find out exactly what data is collected, how it is managed, when it is deleted and when it is stored. Reported Legal bases It is used to process the information as well as the reason for its occurrence International share.

WhatsApp ensures that it reorganizes the structure of the information and makes it easier to read.

What has changed?

Meta fears more fines and sanctions will be imposed on the European Union. –

Chats will remain encrypted end to end To protect private conversations as well as existing settings. Simply now actions involving data Read in black and white. After threatening to withdraw two of its major services, Meta is trying to take a step forward to meet European demands. The deadline for compliance is set at February 28, 2022.

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It remains to be seen whether the new information will suffice for new European standards that promote greater privacy protections. Penalties for violating them they can reach to 4% of annual sales for the company concerned. The blow is only light especially for the dead.

In 2021, it was already reported that it was among the applications of the Meta group data exchange, for example between Facebook and WhatsApp applications. Then the procedure stopped after the dispute.

The European headquarters of the Ireland messaging platform is located in Dublin. Here, the app has already received a $225 million fine for breaching European legislation.

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