Home sport Penny hockey wins in front of 1,300 spectators and is a champion

Penny hockey wins in front of 1,300 spectators and is a champion


Feltre tries but eventually loses control and has to raise the white flag


On Saturday, at the ice rink, the Trentino team narrowly beat Feltre and at the end of a tight match where there weren’t many chances to score, managed to loosen the sparkling wine to celebrate a tough game and at the same time deserve the victory.
The match was held on the ice rink in front of 1,300 spectators, after the success of the first leg, they were expecting a taste of victory.

And so it went. After a long balancing act, Binet opened the game with a Luca Biasioni goal shortly after on 21 minutes, then the Falcanover lads made sure they kept the lead without overreacting.
Felter tried in every possible way, but the Gialoneri legitimized their advantage.

The joy of the people of Trentino was unstoppable
The entire team and Giallobl environment indulged in the appropriate festivities.
The season was long, not hiding any obstacles or difficult moments, but Binet never lost heart and managed to get the most out of it.
The team’s future will be discussed later, and now Daniele Colombini and his comrades have something to celebrate at the end of the season as champions.

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