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In Florence the cries of football and credibility go away. Telesales transfers Vlahovic to Jovic. The most important double match in the match

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Children in Florence are crying in despair. crying because of Florence, from a football perspective, is not a city for youth. And, as usual, another idol of them went to Juventus. And you do not explain it to children easily, because children love football for those who know how to play football and have that simple honesty for those whose only goal is to play to win.

In Florence they will soon lose this originality and what is worse, compared to those who, like me, have some memories, will be able to pass on the epics of capital gains and tales of indicators of amazing liquidity to their children only; Evergreen sports centers and, hopefully, state-of-the-art stadiums.
Football in Florence is a moment of great disappointmentAnd Is the day this company threw its credibility to the wind, work before football, well, balance in front of the table, okay.

Sending Vlahovic to Juventus mid-season is considered high treason. And it is even more so after what Commisso has always said about Juventus, about Agnelli, and about Italian football. It’s easy, dear boss, to say you want a change of football and then fill the cupboards at the earliest opportunity. Easy, dear boss, to talk about principles and those very principles to betray them at the first opportunity. Battles are not always fought while you are full, to do them, sometimes you have to give up something. I don’t remember in the history of Italian football a club going to Europe to sell the best player, the best scorer in Serie A, to their historic rival, and this year also to a direct competitor. Only Preziosi with Piatek had such courage. Here today is the new Preziosi, unlike Agnelli, Suning, Friedkin, De Laurentiis or Percassi. But he did more than that, sending one of his managers on TV to beg Juventus to buy Vlahovic. Remote shopping, embarrassing scene. Will Cabral arrive? Good player but now it doesn’t matter. And do you know why? Because it led us to believe that if this Brazilian became strong, she would do everything in her power to sell him, perhaps to Juventus, whom he already told us he admired.

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It’s not true, Mr. President, that he can’t do anything else.. He could have had better managers who would manage the negotiations better, he could sell him last summer and deservedly replace him, he could wait until next summer depending on Europe, he could reach maturity in June 2023 by establishing in this year and half the champions team that he will Repay her sacrifice. He could have bet on himself and on the sports project, but he chose to win easily, thinking only of income. She could have taken an example from those presidents she denigrates, but they had the strength and courage to put the football in front of their wallet.. Milan did it with Donnarumma and Casey, Napoli with Insigne, Turin with Belotti. Nobody will fail, and three out of four will likely go to the Champions League.

He chose to do worse than Pontellus did with Baggio. At least they touched the Scudetto first and left after a moment of destruction. Diego Della Valle, whom I criticized so much that I considered his arrival to be liberation day, in the summer of 2006 personally went to San Piero Sevi to keep Toni’s promise to Inter and sold him the following year to Bayern losing money. Years later, with the preliminary round of the Champions League at the gates and a Moto sale to Roma, Prandelli convinced della Valle to keep the Roman and Fiorentina went into the Champions League thanks to him. Vittorio Secchi Guri, Before Fiorentina’s destruction and self-destruction, Kanchelskis and Edmundo conceived in January. Today, dear President, your credibility is a disaster.

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But when you think about it, he already made clear the guidelines, as when he specified that Gonzalez’s purchase was because capital gains could be made more easily than Sergio Oliveira. Or like when his manager Burdisso wasted no time in stressing that Fiorentina could hardly rein in Gonzalez and Quarta himself, should they become strong. Who knows what a mouth-watering Ikonè that costs relatively little and can be sold to VIPs.

Of course there is Florence in all of this. In fact, Florence is the predominant part of the problem. For a part of this city that has long been vulnerable to the current president and some executives at the moment, the fault lies only with the Balkan mercenaries.. Sure, true and who knows why. So get ready to insult your neighbor who doesn’t believe in this way of playing football, Vincenzo Italiano. But we’ll talk about this again in the spring.

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