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Joshua Fahrni, Experience the Present, Dream the Future

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At the age of nineteen, Joshua Fahrny has already established himself among the owners of Berne. His 49th match with the Bears (with thirteen minutes of ice per game) and the three goals and ten assists made, earned him a call-up to Patrick Fisher to prepare the national team for the World Cup. Fisher himself praised the Ats agency with his No. 8: “He’s not afraid, he plays bravely, he has good technique and good skateboarding. He asks for the puck and is often in a good position to present it. For his age, he is already very mature. It also emphasizes their good approach and awareness of their responsibilities. In fact, in addition to his regular training sessions, Fehrni dedicates extra time to work on every aspect in which he feels he needs improvement. For example, he works a lot on detonation and strength to be able to establish himself in battles on the balustrade even against the biggest defenders. “I appreciate being in good physical shape,” Fahrni himself admits.

His season was good indeed “I quickly adapted to the rhythm of the National League, without much difficulty”, but unfortunately it was not the same for his team, excluded from the previous playoffs, a fact taken with philosophy, although this was the biggest disappointment of the season : “You shouldn’t be too frustrated.”

In fact, he kept his focus on day-to-day work, without asking many questions. After an initial moment of accepting defeat, he looked forward once more.

Madi Fahrni, on the other hand, tells of his beginnings at the age of four with the Hockey School in Wichtrach “completely spontaneously”, in the company of his brother, who is two years older than him. Coach Ulrich von Arks was the father of Davos legends Jan and Reto von Arks, who were occasionally present and inspired young Joshua. Before moving to Bern in 2017, Fahrni played at the Thun Youth Academy, between May and June, Fahrni will finish his training, then will focus entirely on hockey.

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The two goals are the NHL and the World Cup in Zurich and Friborg

On the other hand, his future expects a contract with Berne that is still valid for the next two seasons and the U-20 World Cup in August (which started in December and was soon cut short due to Covid). Edmonton’s review could be a good launching pad for him in light of the potential draft and future in the NHL.

To participate in the world championships in Tampere and Helsinki with the first national team, despite Fischer relinquishing some veterans such as former captain Rafael Diaz and Simon Moser, it seems that it is still a bit early, “I am enjoying every day quite simply I can cross here and give every I can’t” admits Bernays.But looking at the upcoming World Cup in Switzerland in 2026, Fehrni could certainly play a leading role.

In the meantime, preparations for the next world championship will continue tomorrow in Rosenheim with the friendly match against Germany, in which Fahrni will be able to face fellow club Dominic Cahoun (as well as Umbro Biota defender Tobias Furler). To interrupt the mini-series of two consecutive victories for Germany, it will likely take a step forward compared to last week’s two victories against France, 4-2 and 4-1.

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