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News from 14 to 20 March

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what recommend me Watch On Amazon Prime Video From 14 to 20 March? The best way to answer a question is to select all the most recent questions Ads On film And the TV series It will be released on Prime Video the week of Monday 14th to Sunday 20th March.

Ten movies and four TV series, these are the new releases in the second week of March. As for the two films, the two films that will enter the catalog next Friday will be especially highlighted, while among the TV series we note the arrival of the amazing docu series dedicated to the world of 2021 in the world. MotoGP Which ended with the success of the French Fabio Quartaro on Yamaha and the retirement of the living legend Motors Valentino Rossi.

Amazon Prime Video news: Movies and TV series to be released March 14-20

Below is a summary of New Amazon Prime Video The week from Monday 14 to Sunday 20 March. Here are the new movies and new TV series that will be released on the video streaming platform owned by the American giant Amazon:


  • 2067 – The movie will be shown on Tuesday 15th March
  • Riot Girls – The movie will be shown on Tuesday 15th March
  • Mandy – Out on Tuesday 15th March
  • Sabotage – the movie will be released on Tuesday, March 15th
  • Your Father – The movie will be shown on Tuesday 15th March
  • Bazza Idea – The movie will be shown on Tuesday 15th March
  • Bazza Idea – The movie will be shown on Tuesday 15th March
  • Family Home – The movie will be shown on Wednesday, March 16th
  • Deep Waters – Movie to be released on Friday, March 18th
  • Master – Movie to be released on Friday, March 18th
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TV series

  • Unlimited MotoGP The first season of the documentary series will be released on Monday, March 14th
  • 90210 – All five seasons are out on Monday 14th March
  • Heirs of the Night – Both seasons are out on Tuesday 15th March
  • Haikyuu!! The first season will be released on Friday, March 18th

What are the must-watch series on Amazon Prime Video? The news from 14 to 20 March

Not sure which TV series to watch on Amazon Prime Video this week? The two new features with a larger thickness are the absolute debut of Unlimited MotoGPin its first season on the Amazon video streaming platform, and the first season dubbed in Italian Haikyuu!!anime volleyball that attracted hundreds of thousands of fans of the genre, and more generally, this sports.

In the calendar, the first topic will be relevant Unlimited MotoGPwhich will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Monday, March 14, one week after the 2022 World Cup with Qatar Grand Prix. MotoGP Unlimited is the story of the final 2021 World Championship won by French Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi. Exclusive in-pit videos, along with the drivers, mechanics and team managers, never broadcast data, and their emotions before, during and after each race of the season, rising expectations and competition. The start of the docu series is scary, four hours after the conclusion of the last race of the world championship.

This weekend, Friday, March 18th, volleyball fans will finally be able to see and hear the entire first season of the anime. Haikyuu!! with the Dubbing in Italian. In the coming months, voiceovers for the following seasons (second through fourth) will also arrive.

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What movie to watch on amazon prime video? The news from 14 to 20 March

Do you prefer movies over TV series? Among the new releases on Amazon Prime Video this week, we refer to the films with the title deep water And the Master.

deep water It is the film based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith, directed by Adrian Lane, and starring Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas and Finn Wittrock. The plot centers around the pair consisting of Vic (Ben Affleck) and Melinda Van Allen (Ana de Armas). Husband and wife begin a series of high-tension psychological provocations and games, which soon turn into a deadly game.

Still not sure which movie to watch on Amazon Prime Video this week? Another notable entry in the Prime Video catalog is MasterA horror and thriller film about mysteries, legends and ghosts. It’s an Amazon original that sees American screenwriter Mariama Diallo make her debut as a director. The plot shows three women trying to do everything they can to get a job at a prestigious university in New England, “whose icy elitism can hide something far more sinister,” says the official summary.

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