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Grosseto wins the comeback, Sarzana defeats Vercelli – OA Sport

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What a show in the A1 series of roller hockey. On the occasion of the two postponements that are part of the sixth day, in fact, we witnessed Grosseto’s victory over Monza returns! It is Sarzana on Vercelli.

match Anything but simple for the Tuscans, who finished the first break with two goals, signed respectively for Monza through Tamburendighi (11:45) and Galimberti (4:15). The passion and strength of Edilfox will come to light but it’s all in Part Two: to actually open the dances Franchi will be at 21:24, able to shorten the distances by setting the equalizer that Mount signed at 15:09. With deadlock on his side, Grosseto flips the race With Paghi, he then started to run definitively with Rodriguez (9:37) and underpinned by De Oro (3:32, 1:34), thus placing himself fourth in the standings with 13 points.

Sarzana was also good who, having found the double lightning advantage with Festa (21.52) and Bosi (21:27), had to stop Vercelli’s rise, good at reopening accounts with Oruste only to suffer the trio that happened with a penalty kick from Borsi (14:34). The Piedmontese were not there, however, as they reentered the net and raised the score to 3-2 with Tartarani (10:33).

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Patiently Vercelli after a moment of calm Find the right offensive plot to find a tie, which happened with a direct shot from Orsute (9:39). In the last five minutes of play However, Sarzana returned to the top with Garcia Bielsa (4:08), then score a safety goal thanks Ortiz Ruiz (3:42). Thus, Oruste’s 5-4 goal would be useless, a picture of a team that didn’t give up until the last minute. The Serie A1 Hockey League returns on October 23.

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