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In Canada, Pro-Bitcoin Conservatives Win | Here’s who will lead the party to the next…

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with 68% options Pierre Poilievre He asserted himself as the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party and is a candidate for the next presidential election by proposing. Bitcoin As a tool to protect the country from inflation.

Poilievre He is a staunch supporter of the sector, putting it at the center of his recent election campaign. In any self-respecting power game, the case has no shortage of detractors and detractors. However, the politician goes straight and talks about decentralization to reduce the influence of bankers in the economy and state politics.

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Poilievre again: Bitcoin and crypto in the next election campaign in Canada?

Either because it is conservative, ideologically unrelated to excess stock in terms of economic policy, or because it is subjectively exposed, the truth is Pierre Poilievre He built Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies An effective election campaign presents itself in upcoming policies as representative of the Canadian right.

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And when in Italy?

Another aspect of primary importance should be added to the picture: cryptos have completely emerged from that niche, and today they are presented to the public from that gray patina with which some press tried to paint them for a long time. Despite the relatively low penetration among Canadians, there may be more caution in this regard.

Personal interests and disclosures, of course, but we’re not too interested: creating news that is referred to as revolutionary news Poilievre Becomes spokesperson. If he becomes prime minister, his first move will be to ease the regulatory framework. Canada Addressed the sensitive topic of crypto assets.

These are his declared intentions, which may have a continuation of the term: Former Minister and Member of Parliament, Calgary has already expressed support Cryptocurrencies A parachute to the country and beyond from inflation that puts the local economy in trouble. In addition, last spring the conservative said he was ready to govern Bitcoin, Ethereum and generally with the aim of making the Canadian economy less centralized and less exposed to the influence of banking lobbies.

A field battle

Harsh words, but the arguments have caught on with internal voters, rewarding them with preferences. 22.993 In total seats 33,800. A clear victory in terms of a supportive campaign as well Crypto asset This also earned him some criticism from his opponents.

But the lawsuit conflicts as a result of his payment Bitcoin A local restaurant with a look that goes back in time. It has been many years like this Poilievre People rely on the card: According to him, Canadians They need to regain control of their finances and its own currency, with apparent opposition Central Bank of Canada In the background.

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It is on this framework that a growing consensus emerges Pierre Poilievre Notes at home: Seen by many as a populist, his ability to speak to people’s stomachs is not in question, look at the lorry drivers’ agitation case, if he comes to power, he will have a chance to shake his image. Wafa-man.

This will be a big win for the sector: Pierre Poilievre He publicly praised himself Blockchain And crypto in more than one case, and more relaxed work can act as a favor to the most greedy adverse parties. will be good Serve detractors with irrefutable argumentsAnd let the reality of the facts speak for themselves.

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