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Shapovalov ranks only in doubles, ahead of Fritz Agar-Aliasim – OA Sport

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Everything was easy for the United States on the first day of the 2022 ATP Cup. In the team competition taking place in Australia, The National stars and lines Beats Canada And in a short time flies to the top of the C group.

There is an immediate big surprise in the first singles of the day: Denis Shapovalov did not play for Canada. But still Brighton stem (World No. 238). The effect is inevitable 6-1 6-3 in favor of John Isner (n.24 ATP) American national team 1-0 on.

In the second singular, the numbers of one of the two nations enter the field: Felix Agar-aliasim For (n.11 of the rankings) Canada e Taylor Fritz (n.23 ATP) To the United States. A very emotional match that ends only in the third set after a two-and-a-half hour battle. Is the winner American 6-7 (6) 6-4 6-4 to win again, allowing his team to win And the second point.

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Twins are only useful for testing different pairs of relationships. This is Canada Surprise sequence Denis Shapovalov Together Agar-aliasim, When National stars and lines Play as singles: Isner e Fritz. In the wave of excitement American twins Manages to bring home The third point Thanks to a double 6-4 in an hour and 12 minutes of play.

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