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in the Mgw space for the eSerie A Roadshow

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hunt again. there and First Division Team Back in the spotlight. In the last edition, played on FIFA 22, the tricolor went to Francesco “Oberon” Tagliaferro and to Turin. As often happens in real football, projects and ambitions change. In fact, the reigning champ wouldn’t even wear a bomb shirt. She is newly promoted LycheeThanks to an agreement with Exeed, to guarantee its services. Meanwhile, the countdown to the start of the contest has already begun and within a frame Milan Games Week The second show of the eSerie A Road Show series has taken place.

eSerie A at Milan Games Week

In the three days of the Milan Fair, After the opening ceremony at the Dacia Arena in Udinethe hosts Elena Koriel “Hevnokat” Marco “Doctor Weihes” Bianchi gave the first news of the virtual tournament that will take place today FIFA 23. Starting with newly promoted teams. Indeed, in addition to Lecce, Monza and Cremonese will also be on the starting line for eSerie A. “For me and for Cremonese – words Lorenzo “Jolly Roger” Mina – It will be the first time in eSerie A. The competition has also managed to give space to new talents. It is certainly an excellent starting point for us budding little ones, but at the same time it is a very important stage. That is why there is a great desire to do well.”

next steps

The eSerie A regulatory machine is already in action. November saw the start of the online qualifiers. A window that will run until December and will serve fans of the genre to try and win a place in the drafts from January and may be selected by one of the participating clubs. Also in January, all participating teams will take the field for EA Sports and SupercupAnother great novelty for this season.

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