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MediaWorld, Hisense 32 Inch Smart TV Offered at a Great Price

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Not only X-Days Promotions from MediaWorld, where the well-known series offers a wide choice in terms of offers for technology enthusiasts. Among the various proposals, one stands out Discount on Hisense 32 Inch Smart TV.

More precisely, the Hisense D-Led HD 32A4CG model, which among other things has a remote control with several hot keys for access to the main smart services, is offered at a cost of $ €221.99 via the official MediaWorld portal. According to what can be read on the website of the famous chain, the price of the product is usually equal to 279.99 euros, ergo You can save 58 euros. This may not sound like much, but you have to take into account the fact that we are referring to a really basic budget TV.

over there Hisense D-Led HD 32A4CG Data Sheet It may be interesting for users who do not have special needs in terms of resolution, since the 32-inch monitor is equipped only with HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), but who still want to take advantage of the clear support for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 standards and before All the most famous smart functions offered by this type of product.

Anyway, we couldn’t find this specific model either on the Unieuro official website or on Amazon Italy. In short, you understand that a file Promoted by MediaWorld It may actually attract more than a few users.

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