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Cases in many countries – How dangerous is the new corona variant AY.4.2? – News

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The Israeli Ministry of Health on Tuesday evening announced evidence of infection with AY.4.2, a new branch of the highly contagious delta type of corona virus. “The AY 4.2 variant was identified in Israel,” a ministry statement said. Before that, the subspecies was found in many countries in Europe.

Proven in many countries

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AY.4.2 was meanwhile found in Russia, the United States, Germany and other countries. This variation is likely to be widespread, said Kamil Safiso, a senior researcher at the State Consumer Protection Agency in Russia.

How Dangerous is AY.4.2? Richard Neher studies the evolution of the corona virus. Variation probably doesn’t make the slopes too hard. But continuous evolution shows that the potential for virus mutation is not exhausted.

Richard Nehru


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Biological physicist Richard Neher is doing research University of Basel Growth of viruses and bacteria. He is part of the Federal Corona Task Force.

SRF News: What do you know about AY.4.2?

Richard Neher: In addition to the regular delta variant, this sub variant has two mutations in the spike protein at stages 145 and 222. The A222V mutation has already been observed several times in the summer of 2020, including variations prevalent in Europe. Taken by itself, this mutation does not have a dramatic impact on transmission or immune recognition. Level 145 varies before (but not for N, not for H). This condition is present in one region, which is altered in other types and potentially affects antibody binding. More specific information about the mutation is not known.

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Where has this already appeared?

This variation mainly circulates in Great Britain and accounts for about 10 per cent of the isolations deployed there. Over the past few weeks, AY.4.2 has risen a good 10 percent for the week. AY.4.2 is also found in other European countries, but is generally less than 1 percent.

How dangerous is it?

I do not see any indication that variation leads to more difficult courses. However, rapid spread leads to more cases.

Does the vaccine protect against AY.4.2?

As far as we know, yes.

As far as we know, the vaccine protects against variability.

Will the virus variant prevail?

Hard to say. This variant has grown steadily in the UK, which means it is about 10-15 per cent more convertible. However, epidemiological events such as epidemics can also be found in parts of this spread.

The variance may be about 10-15 percent more variable.

What is the new variant for corona operations?

Although this variant is more variable than the delta, the increase in displacement is small compared to the tabs we observed with the alpha or delta. I do not expect any fundamental change in the situation from the variance. But continuous evolution shows that the potential for virus mutation is not exhausted.

Interview with Benjamin Hostettler.

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