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Ihl1 ice hockey, semi-finals: Valpe seeks redemption in Veneto

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Ihl1 ice hockey, semi-finals: Valpe seeks redemption in Veneto

Saturday 19 March 2022 – 05:12

Valpe travels to Veneto, where on Saturday at 6pm he meets HC Cadore for their semi-final match 2. The group coached by Dino Grossi spent the week working hard to get to the ‘Beautiful’, having succeeded in turning over Belluno seven days earlier. A guest 3-4 in overtime is an unexpected result if you look at Torresi’s caliber, however, aware of the opposing force they actually faced in the second leg of the regular season. The playoff predicaments are well known to the enthusiastic Valbe, who beat Biffy de Cadore on the return of the Masters. Now it is a matter of completely getting rid of the disappointment of the disappointment of the sensational comeback that earned Cadore the success he earned with a draw (3-3) at 48″ from the end of the third game, from the start to the decisive goal after only 12″ of extra time signed by Giorgio Talamini. Bulldog’s ambitions, under consideration on the field, are justified by the kindness of the staff, by all-around progression throughout the season, and by the team spirit that is a trademark of red and white in the valley. The first act of the other semi-final was more balanced: Bennett had to resort to penalty kicks to beat Feltrigiacchio, who greets Trentino’s players on Saturday 19 at 20.30. Open Challenge.

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