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New messages coming, this time the content was to be expected

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New letters are coming in from the Revenue Agency and they are really many according to what emerges from the official documents.

When the Revenue Agency takes its head to work towards Italians, there are always many who find themselves in unpleasant situations.

What is happening now is no exception Even if it happened in a terrible period when Italians had few financial resources. This time around, the tax authorities have made major developments about the content and we are telling you about them.

This time it’s not a scam

These days we have told you about a horrific scam transmitted through fake communications from the Revenue Agency that got many Italians into trouble. But this time nothing of the sort.

this time The connections are correct And according to the official data of the Revenue Agency, they will also be a number particle. Thus it is a new wave of communications from the Revenue Agency and the details of this new storm of letters Present in the allotment dated March 25, 2022.

Here who is in the sights of the tax authorities

Through this contact to the revenue agency, he explains who the recipients of these letters are and what about them. These messages are for All VAT numbers marked according to the agency are the differences between the business number in 2018 and the operations reported to the tax authorities. To be aware of this is the tax return 2019. By comparing the 2019 tax return with the sales volume of 2018, but also with what was announced by taxpayers and their clients The tax man aims to show contradictions. The revenue agency is mainly dependent on Incoming communications from persons subject to VAT.

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Cross-referencing the financial statements

This is exactly through those It aims to highlight anomalies. These are letters of compliance, that is, letters in which the tax authorities require a citizen to automatically return to compliance. These messages will reach the authorized email address, or if the citizen does not report them to the tax officer, they will arrive through regular mail. As usual, all the different specs will also be found in Financial drawer for billing and payment interface. As mentioned, these are calls for toiling repentance and so the penalties will be reduced and reduced. Of course, the taxpayer can always object to these letters by asking for additional documents can justify its position.

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