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Ireland mourns Ashling Murphy, 23-year-old teacher who choked while jogging –

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From Paula de Carolis

Thousands have also taken to the streets in London (and Australia) to demonstrate against yet another femicide. The 23-year-old girl was killed near her home in a small village

London From Scotland to Australia, from London to Ireland, men and women mourn another victim of senseless, brutal violence: Ashling Murphy23, teacher, musician, athlete, went out at 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon to run and never came home.

useless help

Not far from her home in Tullamore, a town of a few thousand residents, the young woman met her killer. strangled and left to die. Although help arrived, it expired soon after.
In London, and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, and in other countries, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets, All with the same messageBecause the killing of women and violence against women are two international problems that they share, and there is no silence about them, but rather a painful and angry cry between generations that does not respect geographical or biological borders.

Sarah Everard’s story

We must listen to what the women are telling us, said Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin with emotion at the Dublin rally. It is up to all of us to create a different society in which we feel safe, and transform the culture that underlies discrimination, abuse and violence against women. echo him Irish President Michael Higginsaccording to which it is critical to think about what needs to be done to eliminate violence against women in all its aspects from our society. It’s only been ten months since Clapham’s 33-year-old Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped and tortured by a police officer on her way home, was kidnapped and tortured. A disturbing case followed by others as grim as murder Sabina Nyssa28, a few meters from the apartment he was living in.

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national debate

According to a United Nations report, six women are killed by a man every hour, most of them by their husbands or relatives. The epidemic – a small but significant milestone – in many countries is no longer far from the spotlight.
The way we look at the phenomenon is changing: The problem is not with women, but men, said Orla O’Connor, director of the Irish National Council of Women. Not all men are violent, but everyone can and should work to make any kind of violence against women unacceptable. In the aftermath of Everard’s deaththe same statements sparked a national controversy, with malevolent men freeing themselves and the police, in whose ranks the killer had fought, ready to advise women on how to protect themselves. not today.


Ashling played violin, accordion, and bagpipe. In March 2021, he began teaching at Douro National School, and had a class of twenty-eight children in first grade. She lost her life along the Grand Canal, in a street, Fiona Road, which she owes her name to another missing woman.. We’ve lost an angel, said Mother Kathleen. In the aftermath, Pap Ray played them with the banjo when I was sixteen, by Irish band The Fureys, crying with the last chord.

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