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Child pornography, 8 thousand pictures on mobile phone: Arrested. The report came from Canada

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Pisa, 3 December 2021 – 57 Pisa was arrested for exposing child pornography content. The operation was carried out by the Florence Postal and Communications Police following a report by the Canadian Police through Europol.

Following the traces, the postal police returned to the man In reference messaging application To register, you do not need a phone number, but only a username and password. Thousands of child pornography content has been downloaded here since 2019. Of experts Florence Postal PoliceWith diligence and determination, they analyzed hundreds of reports and identified four Tuscan users, all of whom were involved in spreading child pornography.

Four search orders were carried out in the provinces from November 30 to December 1 Florence, Crossetto, Luke and Pizza. The subject was found to be anonymous, mainly using the 57-year-old Czech social network.

In particular, agents at the post office discovered the cell phone during search phases Owned by man. The smartphone had 8000 pictures and 460 videos. The 57-year-old, again convicted of this type of crime, was transferred to a prison in Pisa.

The phone was hidden inside the truck

It is learned that the person, who is already known to the police as having been involved in such crimes, had hidden the phone in one of his trucks. The home and vehicle search by Polposta lasted about 18 hours. Initially, when the agents came to his house, the 57-year-old gave them a ‘clean’ smartphone. However, during the investigation, the investigators, who discovered his download activity from the network, continued their research. Eventually, he would, suspiciously, be pushed into the corner to hand over the cellphone. “Online is not anonymous – Alessandra Bellardinelli, Manager, Tuscan Postal Police

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The investigation, which led to arrests and searches, began following a report by Canadian police that thousands of child pornography files had been downloaded by a specific messaging processor that was frequently used for this purpose. It does not require a phone number, but only a username and password.

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