October 2, 2023

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IHL Div. I between small entry movements into the market and several confirmations

IHL Div.  I between small entry movements into the market and several confirmations

Stagnant market situation in IHL Division I, the only active company in terms of new signings is still Chiavenna.

After the acquisition of defender Fabrizio Zandona from Bene, the Lombard club secured a performance Dennis Girardi (in the cover photo). The 20-year-old, who grew up in the youth teams of Dobbiaco and the Bolzano Academy, returned to the Icebears last summer; The first experience in the Trainees Championship ended with 9 entries.
In the past weeks, the administration has extended the fullback’s contracts Matthew Marini And Thomas Banatiin addition to the attacker Stephen Trusoni.
Marini, 25, scored last season 22 matches in the first division of the IHL and 10 points (6 goals and 4 assists), to which are added two matches in the Italian Cup. Bannati, 26, has been used on 11 occasions in the league, while in the Coppa Italia he has played twice on the ice. Trosoni, 25, collected 11 points (5 goals and 6 goals) in the first division of the IHL and 1 goal and 2 games in the Italian Cup.

New Il Piné first steps in the new season to confirm the coach Andrea Falcanover and cannons Leonardo Corletti.
Falcanover, 59, will sit on the bench at Trentino for the third year in a row. Corletti, 23, has a record 25 Division I IHL games and six assists; In the Italian Cup, he authored 1 assist in 2 matches.

Val Venosta has formalized its separation from its captain Andreas Strobel. The striker grew up in Merano’s youth team, and wore the orange jersey for 12 seasons. In the latter he had two points, split evenly between goals and assists, in 13 Division I IHL games.

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Valpellice Bulldogs C has renewed its confidence in the coach Robert Martin; The 55-year-old will take over as head coach for the second year in a row.