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The world premiere of the new urban SUV Toyota Aygo X is coming

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Toyota has worked on the new Aygo X to make it the benchmark in its class, conducting a European study of city driving habits, and analyzing the needs of customers looking for a vehicle that is stylish, compact and safe. This is how Toyota Group’s new compact was born.

Urban SUVs are built in the style of The popular GA-B platform From Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), first introduced with the new Yaris, the current car for 2021 in Europe, and most recently with the new Yaris Cross. The ideal city car must be compact, agile and safe for the driver. It must also convey emotion to motivation, incorporating the best technological advances. The new Aygo X embodies all of this and much more.

Toyota Aygo X exterior design.

The designers of the house wanted to really bring with the concept car, Authenticity and freshness in the European compact car market. Toyota Aygo arrived in the European market in 2005From the beginning, it was the brand’s most accessible vehicle, astonishing customers with its youthful and fun personality. Today’s Toyota customers want style, distinction, and the ability to express their individuality through their vehicles.

after, after Successful unveiling of Aygo X PrologueAygo X project has moved to Toyota Motor Europe design in Belgium, where the design teams worked closely with product planning and research and development to turn the concept into a production model. Creates a very captivating two-tone execution, combined with paints inspired by the world of spices A silhouette with a unique profile that grabs attention.

Toyota Aygo X, the house presents the new SUV

The development of Toyota Aygo, the house presents the new SUV Aygo X

Toyota Aygo X, the agile and compact urban SUV

The famous GA-B platform is used in the construction of the car; Aygo X Offers. real churros pack, represents a unique proposition in segment A of the market. The dimensions of the car are as follows: the length is 3700 mm (235 mm more than its predecessor), the wheelbase is increased by 90 mm. The front is 72mm shorter than the Yaris, and the maximum rim size has been increased to 18 inches.

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The new urban SUV is designed for the narrowest city streets, the turning radius of the car has been reduced in an excellent way, only 4.7 meters, It is one of the lowest in its class. The width of the car body is 125 mm from the current Aygo, today it is 1740 mm.

Onboard safety and emotional design

The driver wants to hear security On his car, the Aygo X comes out on top in that regard too. The elevated driving position and compact compact packing provide the driver with greater road presence and increased safety.

The seat has been raised by 55 mm, and the angle of view of the A-pillar has increased to 24 degrees, and this undoubtedly leads to better visibility. The tires and wheels are larger and perfectly match the introduced TNGA suspension Exceptional driving comfort and driving dynamics.

The urban SUV knows how to show off thanks to Eye-catching exterior featuresThe unique design and colors also emphasize the durability and “go anywhere” spirit of a true crossover. Today’s interior noise is reduced thanks to the use of sound-absorbing materials, so the passenger compartment is much quieter.

Toyota and JBL teamed up for creativity Excellent sound system With an acoustic signature tailored to the characteristics of the Aygo X. The sound system consists of an array of four speakers, a 300W subwoofer and a large 200mm subwoofer housed in the trunk. Powerful bass, bright response from the speakers, and large, well-defined pitch. The Aygo X can also be equipped with a fabric sunroof, a first in the A-segment. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the fabric offers better protection from water and dust.

The world premiere of the Toyota Aygo X.

Toyota Aygo X, the world premiere of the new urban SUV

Technologies on board the new Toyota Aygo X urban SUV

The new compact generation features some of the latest Great technological innovations on boardAygo X’s connectivity is ensured by Toyota Smart Connect and the MyT app. The vehicle’s equipment is very rich and features Toyota Smart Connect system, large 9″ HD touch screen, interior lighting with diffused lighting, wireless charging of smartphones, and provides customers with an always connected experience thanks to the MyT app. Thus, all customers have the ability to monitor certain vehicle statistics and data in real time such as driving analysis, fuel level, warnings and vehicle tracking.

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The latest generation of multimedia systems Toyota’s Aygo X also offers cloud-based navigation to provide real-time route information across always-connected services. News and other services will then be released over time, with updates, updates, and additional features that will be automatically sent to the system. Toyota Smart Connect also provides wireless and wired smartphone connectivity thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay protocols.

Maximum efficiency driving the Toyota Aygo X.

The SUV has been re-engineered from the ground up with the goal of maximizing efficiency. For example, the Aygo X guarantees, with one of the lowest curb weights in the sector Excellent consumption. The front bumper and wheel moldings allow for fuel economy by directing air flow slightly out of the tires, thus reducing turbulence around the front and sides of the vehicle. Rear wheel arch molds direct airflow away from the vehicle’s tires to a meeting point at the rear of the SUV. The vehicle is equipped with the award-winning 1KR-FE 3-cylinder engine with a 1 liter, which has been further improved, in order to be able to meet the most stringent European regulations and deliver high levels of reliability and performance, with an expected fuel consumption of 4.7 l / 100 km and 107 g/km of carbon dioxide. Aygo X is designed and manufactured in Europe for European customers, Coming in 2022.

The interior of the new urban Aygo X

Toyota Aygo X, the interior of the new urban SUV

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