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Third Division Football League: VIRTUS VERONA-MANTOVA 0-1 (Live Updates)

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Verona Good evening from the Gavagnin-Nocini Stadium in Verona. In front of hosts Virtus, Mantova are looking for the first points away from their most disappointing championship so far. A delicate match is also for Scaligeri, who is in the penultimate position in the standings and lacks victories. As always, we will follow the match with real-time updates.

Virtus Verona Mantova 0-1

Virtus Verona (3-4-2-1): Sippy. Davara, Sella, Ruggiero; Talariko, Lonardi, Halfridson, Manfrin; Nalini, Dante; Gomez. Available: Siaulys, Freddi, Mazzolo, Begholdo, Sinani, Santi, Faedo, Olivieri, Cellai, Vesentini, Turra, Prior, Casarotto, Munaretti. All: Fresh.

Mantua (4-3-3): Chiora. Silvestro, Engineers; Gilardi, Ceresoli; Gerbodo, Di Francesco, Pierobon; Jocheon, Mensah, Bodis. Available: Tosi, Malaguti, Pinton, Iotti, Procaccio, Ejjaki, Cozzari, Fontana, Messori, Yeboah. Everything.: current.

Rule: Lorenzo Macarini of Arezzo (helpers: Pasqualetto of Aprilia and Tessie of Lucca)

Networks: 40′ rig. jocheon

note: He was sent off at 44′ Gilardi for a double yellow card. Booked: Gilardi, Aldofa. Angles: 2-2

first half

45 After a minute of recovery, the referee sends the teams to the dressing room. Mantova is up front but with one man lower. See you soon for recovery.

44′ Unbelievable red card for Gilardi who stopped Dante’s foul, sprinted forward and gets a second yellow card. Mantova at 10.

40′ goooool from Mantova!!!!!! Guccione of the place puts in the corner that Sibi can not reach.

39′ Penalty kick for Mantova!!! Guccione, who was caught in the area by Di Francesco and came face to face with the goalkeeper, ignores him but falls with his shoulder. The referee without hesitation points to the spot.

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31 Gilardi is the first yellow card in the game for a foul on the trocar.

30′ Striker Virtus and another great opportunity for Gomez, but Chiora strikes back.

24 svergulata from Mansah in abundance. Match the balance with frequent relapses.

21′ Mantova rebounds with a dart from Gocheon deflected for a corner kick by Sippy.

16 Virtus Chance! Halfridsson grabbed Dante in the area with a cross and header from the Veronese striker and a superb response from Chiora, who lifted a corner kick.

12′ Chance Mantua! Gerbodo from a narrow angle shoots Sippy, who refuses.

10′ first corner of Mantova. Nothing really from science, but red and white are growing.

6′ Paudice of 25 metres, Sippy blocks gracefully.

5′ Virtus lunged with Nalini who was put in the middle for Lonardi, Veronese’s shot rejected by Gilardi.

1, the match started.

teams in the field. Virtus in white, Mantua in third black outfit.

Sunny and windy afternoon 24 degrees.

The latest news in Mantova. Matteucci, the stated owner, was replaced by Ceresoli due to discontent in the right calf.

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