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Poland: “We demand 1300 billion from Germany for World War II damage”

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Asked 1300 billion euros Closing the painful chapters of the past and making sure that our bilateral relations are based on justice and truth. Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew RawAsked Germanyon behalf of the government Warsawand reparations arising from the Second World War, explaining that the question will certainly be one of the important topics during his meeting with his German counterpart. Annala Barbuk Tomorrow in the Polish capital.

according to narratorThe Germany It must compensate for the material and immaterial damage caused to the Polish state during the aggression of September 1939 as well as during the years of occupation of Polish territory (until 1945). The minister added that compensation should concern my family Victimsboth of which are state institutions, such as Banks and museums.

narrator Then he added that Poland Suffered from ‘shock’ to but not German In World War II the result is “that this limits the possibilities of developing Polish nation. That is why I directed the government to which I belong to solve this problem. We very much hope for good cooperation with the German government,” he added about the request for compensation. Spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, Lucas JasinaHe clarified that the official dispatch of the memo will take place in a short time.

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