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Forum, the former judge present in Assago horror: horror movie case

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Carrefour in Asago was the venue for an exciting event. A well-known face from the forum was among the witnesses to the story. The former judge described the script as a horror movie.

Inside Milanofiori Shopping Center in asago Real dramatic scenes happened. In Carrefour there was a very violent attack in which some people participated. A gesture that caused panic and anxiety among all present. Scenes that are difficult for the audience to forget.

Image source: TV screen

In the late afternoon of Thursday, October 27, real horror scenes took place at the Assago Shopping Center. in circumstance a 46-year-old man The unsupervised began to strike with a knife taken from the shelf. What we learn from Web 6 are the people involved.

Among those involved was a 30-year-old cashier who lost his life during his working hours. Among the wounded, Famous soccer player in the Italian Serie A who was taken to hospital. To highlight the scenes that happened in the shopping center think about it Beatrice Daliaformer forum judge, A fan page. His words make the picture more clear.

Beatrice Dahlia, former forum, Assago Horror Story: Climate of Horror
The scenes that took place in the Assago shopping center left a very deep mark. to me fan page I told how I ran out towards Carrefour. And while he was running, he saw the shutters of the gods Shops Soon as they sent customers away. to her girl so is grandson They were close and I thought of them.

former judge forum He recalled that at first he was thinking of a disciple. Shortly thereafter, I realized the horror of people screaming and running. A row of completely frightened people run away. Also, at first, there was a rumor that the guy was armed with a pistol. After that, the speakers sought medical help. From the initial calm and serenity, we quickly moved to fear and flight. As Beatrice Dahlia confirms, if one of them is in Horror film.

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The reporter gave space for another idea through i social. He revealed that they had gone to the supermarket shortly before. Which prompted her, her daughter and granddaughter to feel anxious and panicked. He tells us how he could have been there because he had an idea Make purchases. He can’t, he says, not believe he could have been there, as his daughter and granddaughter could have been there. Such a situation that put a burden on her heart. The weight is derived from the fact that it is difficult to take care of the most fragile. wrote the same,become “monsters .”“.

The long letter concludes with great sadness. Therefore, for her and all the other attendees, the live scenes will be with them forever.

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