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If you buy one of these cars, you are in trouble: the engine will fail after 50,000 km

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There are cars that will have an engine that will fail after 50 thousand kilometers of travel. Let’s see what they are, so we can prepare.

Many do not realize what can happen to their transportation if you are not prepared before buying. In fact, there are many owners who end up getting their hands in their hair in certain situations. Among those, there are some who have bought cars with limited mileage. For them, after a certain number of kilometers, there will be a very bad surprise from the engine.

Engine rising in smoke (WebSource)

The accused models come from a French company and are installed on different brands, including competitors. The name is one that everyone knows, Reno, which is why the scandal became so popular on the Internet. However, let’s talk are the experts on this. Many mechanics, in particular, complain that many cars with an engine derived from this car manufacturer have completely limited efficiency.

We are talking about one of the Renault flagships, which ended up under the eye of the storm due to the fact that the engine was damaged after only 50 thousand kilometers. This fits for Dacia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Renault itself 1.2 TCE with the designation H5FT. Within 4 years, from October 1, 2012 to July 20, 2016, a factory in Valladolid, Spain dismantled all the good work the engineers had done, putting the pieces together poorly.

All cars whose engine fails after 50,000 km

This is a historical and photo-damaging damage. In particular, it is possible that 600,000 units were involved in this scandal. clearly, Motorists from all over Europe were deeply indignant. However, even after various press inquiries and complaints from buyers, there was no recall from the car manufacturer.

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Engine melted and smoke
Built-in engine (web source)

Damage is caused by a large oil leak from the violating engines. These, at times, managed to reach 75,000 kilometers, but this is nothing compared to the double mileage, if not more, with which models of this type usually have a life.

while, In France, an impressive teamwork was launched, but everything was solved with nothing. In fact, No court has succeeded in holding Renault responsible for the possible crime committed. Sounds of this type in Italy have not yet been depopulated, but beware when the claimants will increase significantly, since original models of this type are still on the market.

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