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Fiat will present many novelties in the coming months, and Tommaso D’Amico was expecting an unmistakable style of the historic model of the Italian home. This is the presentation of the new Fiat Punto.

The alliance between the FCA and PSA, with the creation of the Stellantis Group, opens up new scenarios. Fiat wants to return to being the protagonist of several segments, including B. The release of the new models aims to bring back the historical names of the House of Turinwith a development that should have important implications for sales.

Fiat logo (Adobe Stock)

Not only is Fiat preparing a roadmap for tackling electrification, but Lancia and Alfa Romeo are also going back in time with the relaunch of models that have left the scene and are reinterpreted in a modern key. Green push leads brands to new challenges, between the past and the future, there is an unknown presentBut whoever seizes the opportunity of change can reap glorious results. It’s as if the auto industry has come to the end of one cycle and another has just begun.

When on the upper floors they announce historic innovations such as electric vehicles, it must be borne in mind that Italian reality is not the ideal measure of a much broader situation. If Italy is suffering from a crisis that casts a shadow over the transmission of electricity, There are already countries that have embraced the green wave with courage and enthusiasm. Europe is currently running at two speeds, but Fiat is also considering companies willing to welcome innovation positively.

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On the occasion of the conference call to present the financial statements for the second quarter and half-year report, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, outlined the plans of the major Italian brands. The electric road will not know the turnsThere may be a delay in the 2035 deadline, but Europe will never back down. alpha and Lancia has already predicted that it will start electrifying itself in the coming years For the production of exclusively battery-powered models.

New Fiat Punto

Italian brands need to improve on the names that marked a booming era in the market. The CEO of Stellantis also reiterated this. Fiat Punto left the scene in 2018, leaving a void in the home range of Turin. Punto’s heir could use the CMP platform out of PSA, those of other cars in this segment of the Stellantis Group: Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa, as well as Peugeot 2008, DS 3 Crossback, Opel Mokka and Citroen C4 compact crossover.

Synergy between the brands may be in favor of the launch of the electric Punto, as well as other engines. Fiat should be able to compete with its main competitors, and offer a viable alternative to foreign brands. It is rumored that Punto could also be a part of the new Fiat Panda familyWith different models according to different customer needs. A practical city car for families who don’t want to give up a trip out of town.

Today we propose to introduce the architect and designer Tommaso D’Amico, who reveals the first details of the car. The car is available with an attractive body with a pastel color that enhances the Punto lines. The latter is very compact with large optical clusters (with full LED headlights) adorning a nose very reminiscent of the previous version, with the FIAT logo placed in the center of the large grille. The hood, which features prominent ribs on the sides, gives the car a sporty touch.

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Punto has had great success in the past. Three generations, with many designs that have extended the life of an iconic Italian home. The car of the future can also be given a new namebut the Italian home basically wants to return to its past glories by updating a B-segment model.

The Fiat Punto was born in 1993 and designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, was received positively by critics. The second generation was launched in 1999 and was built inside the center of the Fiat model. Another was produced from 2005 until four years ago and was the work of Italdesign Giugiaro. The show by Tommaso D’Amico, as in Croma, reinforced the forms of a new model that could be very modern Also regarding information and entertainment. Technologies at the service of the revolutionary future.

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