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Ida Reed, One Piece Red, bones and all

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In March 2023, Prime Video will offer only three films on the platform, the exclusive Ida Red with Josh Hartnett and two original films. Third-party films include the anime One Piece: RED and Bones And All by Luca Guadagnino.

Head of the videos For the month of March 2023, three films are available in Exclusive In service, two are Amazon Originals: Ida ReedAnd Sign And Perfect addiction. On the third-party movie front, the latest productions are animation One piece movie – redit was discussed bones and all by Luca Guadagnino, memory With Liam Neeson and other proposals. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Prime Video, March 2023 exclusives

L’Prime Video exclusive Mars is a film noir Ida Reedwith an explanation Josh HartnettAnd Frank Grillo And Melissa Leo. Ida “Red” Walker (Leo) is a terminally ill criminal, imprisoned: her son Wyatt (Hartnett) and Uncle Dallas (Grillo) take care of Thefts Also on his behalf, but now White’s situation is more complicated, because his brother-in-law, a local detective, is investigating. Watch Ida Red on Prime Video now

Chilean descent is an adventure with an ethnic twist SignWhere the protagonist wants to avenge her grandmother’s death. Possessing an extraordinary ability to Read naturehe can overpower his enemies, also because there is more at stake than revenge: a threat that jeopardizes lands of his people. Alexander Witt directs Ralene Montenegro as Sayne. Watch Sayen on Prime Video now

boss after 3 And after 4Instead, Castiel Landon directed a martial arts film intertwined with an emotional story: in Perfect addiction trainer MMA Sienna Lynn (Kiana Madeira) wants revenge on her former student Jax, as well as her own apprentice, by training Cayden Williams (Ross Butler) to defeat him. Of course, the relationship between Sienna and Kayden goes beyond that bond between a coach and an athlete. Will it be an obstacle to obtaining the ransom you dream of? From March 24th.
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Prime Video, Third Party Movies Available March 2023

the third party movies Available on Prime Video on March 8th One piece movie – redthe latest cinematic chapter of the popular pirate anime, signed by him Eiichiro Oda. We then talk about veterans like Kevin Costner and Liam Neeson, who are respectively heroes in a Western and a thriller in one of us (from 11) e memory (since 15).

Italian authors represent them Luca Guadagninowhich he still directs Timothée Chalamet in discussion bones and all, a desperate love story set against the backdrop of cannibalism, on Prime Video from March 27. Instead, it will be a drama on the platform from 29 desired war Written by Gianni Zanasi, in which the cast, including Eduardo Leo, Miriam Leone, Giuseppe Battiston, Carlotta Natoli, Stefano Friese and Massimo Popolizio, takes place in a fictional political scenario: a war between Italy and Spain.

If you breathe then joe Oscarsit may be interesting to restore acclaimed Captain Phillips – Naval Assaultwith crucifixion Tom Hanks in a movie Paul Greengrassbased on a True storyThe hijacking of a US cargo ship in 2009 by Somali pirates. It’s got six nominations, and it didn’t even win a statuette, but the result is still pretty exciting. Watch Captain Phillips Offshore Attack on Prime Video now

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