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Prime TV series will be broadcast in space, aliens will be able to watch it –

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night skyThe new TV series, Prime Video, will be It also travels in space he is Aliens They will then be able to see it. Provided they have the technology to do so, of course.

Prime Video, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SES, and Intelsat have all worked together to Broadcasting Night Sky in space. This is the first time something like this has happened. In theory, this means that all extraterrestrial life that has technology capable of “receiving satellite signals over 384,000 kilometers” will be able to watch the TV series. To give you a reference point, 384,000 kilometers is the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

We assume that real goal This trick is simply advertising the TV series, not trying to show it to foreigners, but it’s still interesting.

Night Sky, Amazon TV series

night sky Stars Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons, as a couple years ago who discovered a buried room in their backyard. The room takes them to a strange and deserted planet. They keep the room a secret, but when a mysterious young man enters their lives, the couple’s quiet daily life is turned upside down.

Always talking about Prime Video, we remind you that Season 3 of The Boys is coming: Here’s the official trailer for the TV series that reminds you that peace doesn’t last.

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