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Barco Carletti, remodeling begins to make way for new furnishings, toys and a multi-purpose field – Chronicles Ancona

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FALCONARA – Starting tomorrow, the redevelopment is being introduced to arrange the tracks, the bowling alley and remove the architectural barriers. A skating and running course will also be created

A new multi-purpose playground, games, gymnasium, new fitness area, new furnishings, a revamped bowling alley, and increased green space: these are the elements of the redevelopment of Carletti Park that will begin tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, based on a project by architect Serena Marinelli.. « Works to begin – the Commissioner of Public Works explains in a note Valentina Barchiese – It’s the result of a common path: The initial draft took into account requests and feedback from residents and visitors to the park, who were called to express themselves during a public meeting last June. The aim was to make the large green space of about 10 thousand square meters, which was developed in one of the most important sports centers in Falconara, more welcoming and accessible to all. Architectural barriers will be removed, existing structures and games will be redeveloped, and internal pathways will be redefined in order to increase green spaces and meeting spaces.”

The idea of ​​the project stems from the will of the municipality administration to make the park a place for all age groups, a reference point for the neighborhood and the city, which helps to consolidate the identity of the community which at the same time is also used by everyone in the coming years. To make the area accessible to anyone, ramps for the disabled will be built on the sidewalks and the asphalt walkways that define the rink will be rebuilt, where the barriers will also be rebuilt. The rink itself will be transformed into a multi-purpose stadium, with a colored resin floor, intended for sports facilities and five-a-side football goals will be installed. A new bowling green resin floor will then be built, which will become fully usable thanks to the removal and disposal of the iron structure that defines it.

Chancellor Valentina Parchiesi

The fence will also be replaced by bowling green. The new floors in the circular concrete area will be colored resin, where “old street toys” will be painted on the floor. The theme of the circle will then be proposed in the play areas, particularly in the central area, where the two wooden tower structures will be removed and new toys such as swings and slides will be added. Most of the games, especially those located in the northern region, will be maintained under good conditions, due to the regular maintenance by the management. When necessary, shockproof flooring will be replaced. The games area to the south will be converted into a sports area: damaged games will be removed and a new fitness area created with the inclusion of a custom structure. A new pedestrian and skating rink, where you can also jog and run, will be built near the Roccheggiani Stadium: a track one and a half meters wide, paved and marked with a specific coating. There will be an extension of about 130 square meters of green space.

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The furnishings, both benches and picnic spaces, will be completely replaced and the new seats will be arranged in a more rational manner. The municipal administration intends, once this first intervention is completed, to proceed with the second phase of the interventions, to be planned, which provides for the access of toilets and a new skating rink.

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