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ID @ Xbox GDC Online Demo Event Many demos available on Xbox Series X | S and One

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ID @ Xbox GDC Online Demo Event It is the initiative launched by Microsoft to celebrate the opening of GDC 2023, with the participation of many offers Free download indie titles by owners of Xbox Series X | s And Xbox One.

Waiting to attend the presentation of STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl at GDC 2023, Xbox users will have the opportunity to experience the most diverse experiences, from multiplayer horror games to live-action adventures, to appreciate the variety of games. ID @ Xbox Catalog.

Here’s the full list of demos available for the ID @ Xbox GDC online demo event:

  • Archneran action roguelite set in a cyberkpunk world.
  • background tonesan original musical puzzle game inspired by the 90’s.
  • Battle Cakesa turn-based RPG where we put ourselves in command of funny cupcake characters.
  • slang boom!Fast-paced, twin-stick shooter with single player and multiplayer modes.
  • Boxvillea puzzle-based adventure starring… the tractor.
  • evil wizarda humorous RPG that tells the story of a former final boss who is determined to return to his castle.
  • porcupine falla colorful adventure in which we play the role of a doctor against the background of a city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
  • fractal spacewhich is a first-person puzzle adventure in which we have to avoid traps and complete complex paths.
  • drunkenness ritualwhich is part of the horror game Maid of Sker, is presented as a cooperative survival shooter.
  • solversa turn-based RPG with deck-building elements and eye-catching pixel-art graphics.
  • Tide Island HotelA live-action adventure in which an absent father must rescue his daughter from a mysterious cult.
  • Babylon Libraryan action-platform game with stealth elements set 20,000 years after the extinction of the human race.
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