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Canada’s new prime minister apologizes to non-vaccinators for discrimination

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New Canadian Prime Minister Daniel Smith He said he is working on a program to grant amnesty to citizens who have been fined or arrested for violating anti-Covid protocols. He apologized to those who did not vaccinate the affected Canadians.Discrimination“.

I am deeply sorry for anyone who has been unfairly discriminated against because of a vaccine“. This was reported by Daniel Smith on Saturday.”I am very sorry for any civil servant who has been dismissed due to vaccination status and would welcome them back if they wish to.“.

Smith’s speech is the first time a Canadian provincial leader has apologized for discriminating against the unvaccinated. Rebel news. Canada has implemented some of the strictest Covid laws in the world. This includes mandating vaccinations in federally regulated workplaces. Or close the business for months. Arrest citizens if they are found violating the quarantine protocol.

Smith gave a speech at the United Conservative Party’s annual general meeting on Saturday and told the media he was considering pardoning anyone arrested or fined for breaching lockdown orders and not vaccinating.

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