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Women’s football: Five goals also in Ancona, Samp is one step away from direct promotion – Picenotime

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Another great performance by the women’s Samp who also reduced five goals in Ancona and took a key step towards direct promotion. After beating Vis Pizarro last week, first in the standings with a score of 5 to 3, Rossoblo on Sunday also beat Doric, who finished second in the standings with Rossoblo ahead of the head-to-head match.

A victory came at the end of a match played mostly by Samp in the Ancona half by pressing the accelerator from the first minutes and closing the red and white in their half.

But it was the guests who took the lead in the 15th minute with a free kick from the edge of the area executed by Martelli.

Rossoblo reacted furiously and after coming very close to scoring with results within a few meters of De Salvatore’s goal, Poli and Sacini reached the equalizer in the 21st minute with a shot from Bianchini who stands out in the area and puts her in the center of power. Half an hour forward with a shot from Marano from outside the area.

Despite the superiority, Rosoblu poured into the opponent’s net, but in the 36th minute he was subjected to an intermittent counter-attack due to a mistake on the edge of the area. Martelli takes charge of the penalty again, brings Ancona back to equalizer, and mocks Rossoblu goalkeeper Stracia who slips and fails to tackle.

Immediate reaction from the hosts who shut down the red and white in their half and in the 40th minute take the lead when Polly beat the Doric goalkeeper from inside the area. And after 7 ‘Referee Enrico Maria Sardelini of the Fermo department sends everyone to quench their thirst

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The recovery begins with rossoblu crushing red and white in their own half and in the 63rd minute they drop poker with a superb kick from outside the area by Sacchini slipping under the crossbar.

Above two goals, Rosoblu kept the ball in the match, but the surprise was that the guests shortened the distance in the 68th minute directly with a corner kick again with Martelli.

On the wings of enthusiasm, the red and white are moving forward and in the 73rd minute they tied with Antonucci, who takes advantage of the misunderstanding between the goalkeeper, the defender and the bags.

The same rocks Rossoblo who surrounds the siege duric and at 78′ they drop the five with a Pontine long range fireball leaving no room for the red and white ranger. Ancona feels the blow and Samp continues to attack even in the final, missing four exciting chances.

It ends with 5 to 4 for rossoblu who with this victory takes a very important thousand steps towards the final victory that will be decided next Sunday.

Congratulations to the girls– Rosoblu coach Silvestro Pompey’s comments – Who won this direct confrontation to achieve the final victory deservedly. That next Sunday we can get Vis Pisaro even without counting the three points won by winning the first leg away game against Ancona that FIGC Marche unjustly took from us and we have requested it through appeal.


sambenedites: stracia; Mandolesi (from 71′ Sgariglia), Tarackel, Bianchini, Lelli; Marano, Pontine; Ponzini, Polly, de Salvatore (from 75′ Belleggia); Sachini (from 71′ Verity). Available Marinelli, De’Antonis, Ferretti, Peligia, Mandolisi, Sgariglia, Casiaroli, Castiglione. everyone. Silvestro Pompey – Representative Giuseppe Merlini

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Scorers: 15′ Martelli (A), 21′ Bianchini (S), 30′ Marano (S), 36′ Martelli (A), 40′ Poli (S), 63′ Sacchini (S), 68′ Martelli (A) , 73′ Antonucci (A), 78′ Pontini (S)

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