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Mother May reveals the whole truth about the American billionaire

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A former model, Elon Musk’s mother, who is still beautiful and glowing at 74, recently released a book in which she also talks in depth about her well-known son.

Mei Musk (Instagram) –

Exciting, beautiful and talented: three adjectives that describe it perfectly Maye MuskA famous mother ElonOne of the world’s richest men and founder of Tesla and PayPal.

Born in 1948 In Canada, he moved with his parents after two years South Africa, in Pretoria. For more than 10 years he traveled with couples in the Kalahari desert in search of the lost city of the same name.

He got married in 1970 errorAn engineer two years older, known in high school, from whom Elon, Kimball and Tosca have children, but divorced after 9 years due to the man’s abuse, raising three children alone, two years later Elon will decide to return to his home. Dad stayed there until high school Canada.

Graduated in Dietetics and Food Sciences, Maye moved to Canada while participating in some beauty pageants to earn extra income. However, success is coming 2007, when she decides to leave her hair natural, white. Since then, she has been one of the most sought-after models.

Maye Musk: Elon’s Mother Spills All on Her Biography

On January 12, Musk’s autobiography was also published in Italy, A Woman Must Have a Plan, in which she describes her adventurous life in detail, naturally not forgetting some anecdotes about her famous son, who is now also the owner of Twitter.

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For example, during an interview with Il Corriere della Sera, he said that he sleeps in a certain place, without an eyelid. Owner of Tesla: “Well, if you’re going to visit your son on the space station, you have two options: either take a hotel room 45 minutes away or sleep in his garage. This is not a problem for me. When I visited my mother in Canada, I slept in the garage.

Elon and Maye Musk interview
Maye with Elon, Kimpel and Tosca (Instagram) –

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And that’s not all, because it seems that Elon has been one of a kind since childhood Genius: “He got his first computer when he was 12. He learned to use it and made a video game called BLASTAR. I suggested he submit it to a trade magazine. He did it and they paid him $500. When you say an innate talent.

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