November 30, 2023

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Three video spoilers show us new creatures hidden in Beta –

Share YouTuber Xolara New videos dedicated to Elden RingTake advantage of the demo version of the game. In the FromSoftware Games Network test there was creature, like the Tower Animal you see above, but has been disabled in the version given to players. As always, we remind you not to watch the videos if you don’t want to succumb to some kind of anticipation/spoiler about the game.

Zodiac animaland, as identified in the video, is similar to the creature shown in the Elden Ring trailers. It is a two-legged tower that moves. The video shows us inside the network test swamp, one of the first gameplay areas.

The second video, which you can see below, is dedicated to him Melina. As can be seen from the description, Melina (who acts as a moderator for upgrading the checkpoints) is also the boss of the game. She is replaced in the video by one of the first bosses encountered in the open world, but her moves and dialogue don’t work properly.

Next, we find a kind of Odd to be structuralDeformed with a bird skeleton. The video indicates that there is no information about it. The in-game model can’t even be hit.

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