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Avengers, Kang Dynasty conspiracy uncovered and secret wars? There is an unexpected ally!

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After the first rumors about The first heroes to make up the team in Avengers The Kang DynastyPrecious new rumors about the hotly anticipated new chapter of the crossover saga Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As reported by the well-known portal Murphy’s Multiverse, the hot spoiler of the scoop in these hours has spread a rumor according to which The Avengers: Kang Dynasty The team will collaborate with One Who Remainsthe first type of Kang the Conqueror that fans got to know during the events of the TV series Loki. Despite his death at the hands of Sylvie at the end of the TV series with Tom Hiddleston, Marvel opened up the Multiverse, during events Kang Dynasty The one who remains will not yet become the guardian of the sacred timeline and in the movie will be known by The identity of Nathaniel Richards.

In fact, always according to Hot Spoilers, Richards will join the Avengers In their fight against Kang the Conqueror, this unlikely alliance would also continue Avengers: Secret WarsWhere he and superheroes They will travel far and wide across the multiverse in order to recruit superheroes The strongest are there (and have ever been, anywhere and in any reality) to confront and defeat Kang once and for all.

As utterly fantastic as this information may sound, it is important to note The Avengers: Kang Dynasty Still more than two years away, an insignificant detail that makes it impossible to verify this and any other omissions at present. In the meantime, tell us: what do you think?

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