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Field Hockey, Division One A1: Reconstituted Cgr surrenders to Butterfly (3-6)

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Now with no more goals to be achieved and with qualification for the new elite tournament already in his pocket, Cgr Bonomi was defeated yesterday in Castello d’Agogna for 6-3 by Butterfly who, on the contrary, needed those three points to hope once again to tie The finals of the tournament based above all on the head-to-head Bra-Tevere Eur scheduled to take place on the last day.

In this penultimate entry of the season, Jimenez’s squad presented themselves in a formation largely altered by the absence of three pillars Ursone, Missaglia and Rubin, all injured. The Argentine suffered a broken rib in the national team meeting, and he broke Missaglia’s thumb in the match against Bologna where he scored a hat-trick, while Robben will be out for a month with a broken hand.

The match was taken up in the first quarter in favor of the Romans: two defensive and short prowess allow the Romans to continue 3-0. In the second break, Bonomi takes control of the match and cuts the distance with Guzman with a penalty kick and Ijizabal a short distance away. Then the butterfly scores 4-2, but Bonomi is not there and returns with a goal from Costa. In the last period, the Romanian goalkeeper climbed into the chair who rejected the equalizer several times, it is clear that Cgr is caught leaving the side for the counter-attacks of Buttefly who finally closes the match.

Next Saturday, Bonomi will wrap up her busy season in Padua, with Lumelini in the final round observing a calendar-set break.

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