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“I feel right at home in Volendam! There is little space in Italy for young people.”

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Stankovic spoke about his experience at Volendam on loan from Inter. And the young goalkeeper published these statements to the official channels of the Dutch club.

Owner – Filip Stankovic He talks about his start to the season with Volendam: «I started in the first game, played well. After the first home match, it was the worst match of my career, because I got the red card and got injured. I’ve been out for about a month. Then I came back and was happy to be back on the field with a lot of energy, I think I played well. I saved my save and in the home match I won the award as the man of the match, I’m very satisfied. I had another minor leg problem soon after, I missed two more games but now I’m fit and available to play».

growth – Stankovic spoke about the injuries that kept him off the field and indicated the basics that he wants to improve: “the problem The knee is gone now, at the moment I feel good. Then I have a problem with my legs when I kick the ball, but for now everything is fine and it’s over, so I can play. The last match? I’m happy with my performance and the team’s performance, we did a great job to keep the goal unbeaten. It was a tough match, it was very important to win and get three points (see article). Objectives? I want to improve communication and learn more Dutch words to help the players on the field. I also want to improve my build of lower and higher balls».

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philosophy – Stankovic stressed the differences between football in the Netherlands and Italy: «In the Netherlands they play more football, and in Italy they play more to win. In Holland, they play to learn football and to teach you. It’s a good thing, it also gives young children the chance to play. this is important. In Italy they do not give space to young people. Volendam? I live in Amsterdam, but I always come here. It’s a beautiful city that I love and so do the people. Even the locker room, everyone is cute and makes me feel and Gaetano Oristanio At home, from day one. I’m very happy».


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