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The opponent is pointing his finger at D’Alberto –

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tiramo – “Following the bankruptcy of Teramo Calcio Sporting Club, which has been finally approved by the rulings of the administrative courts, it is unfortunately time for applications and proceedings not to immediately begin to FIFA, which are aimed at allowing Teramo to restart at least from Serie D. It has been cancelled. The city’s professional sports heritage once again, a legacy that adds up to 109 years of football history.We believe it is important to emphasize, in the eyes of the fans and all citizens, that what has happened is the result of careful choices and has the same exact responsibilities.We of course refer to a command line the company in the past three years, but unfortunately we also refer to the mayor who voluntarily intervened in the affairs of the company, although there are no specific corporate tasks in this regard “. It is the opposition of the municipality of Teramo that interferes with the controversial events that, this summer, determined the fate of the city’s football team. And they wrote: “We are sure that the first citizen did everything in good faith, but unfortunately the results obtained leave only a bad taste in the mouth due to the collapse of both the sports image and the image and also the economic collapse that the capital of the province is going through.” In a joint note Luca CrownMario CozyOsvaldo by TheodoreFranco Smashingjohn almondmirella MarquisMauritius securityDomenico communicationPasquale Tiberian and Evan Verzilli.

Former President Franco Eachine It was always so clear – Continue the note – Referring to his reasons for his commitment to football: ‘The mayor first called me to help this football team and this stadium in May 2019. They called me to make a contribution, I spent a lot of money but it wasn’t given. without purpose. For me, this is clear evidence of the inability to judge: so I leave the field and leave the PEF stadium. I condemn the inertia of the entire Municipal Council but also the Council: there is a blind administration that does not look beyond its nose and is unqualified to me. These harsh words uttered a few months ago (at the end of 2021) illustrate how businessman Yacchini did not have personal transportation or the desire to participate in city football, but only had an entrepreneurial interest in being able to implement certain real estate Investments and commercial activities on the structure of the Bonolis Municipal Stadium and the areas attached to it, in order to obtain the profit permitted by law. With this in mind, Iashini reiterated that the mayor himself acted as the guarantor of the legitimate needs and interests of the entrepreneur, by (reasonably supposing) promising to agree to a revision of the economic and financial plan of the Bonolis stadium. which should have been left in the management of Iachini until 2080, in order to develop a turnover in favor of the director of more than 80 million euros “.

“However, when, in June 2021, the mayor of Teramo brought the new PEF to the approval of the council (as reformulated by the company of President Iachini apparently biased in favor of the director), the municipal majority was dissolved and had no courage to agree to such a The extension in the administration, obviously fearing to harm the public interest. From that moment on, Iacchini pulled the oars into the boat and abandoned the fate of Teramo Calcio. However, the mayor never explained to the citizens why he spent so much public money (tens of thousands of euros) on consulting That ensures the legitimacy of changes to the current PEF. – Opposition advisers argue – Without reaching a fair settlement of commercial interests with public interests. No Jianguido Dalberto ever intended to argue his reasons for opening the gates of the city (and city hall) to other entrepreneurs who supposedly were interested in managing the footballing heritage of Teramo, i.e. Ciacciawho even from press sources appeared to be interested only in real estate and business investments, but they were certainly not rooted in the area and may not have fueled a real mode of transportation for local football.”

“We therefore feel a duty to demand an honest process on all the mysterious profiles that affected Teramo Football Club from 2019 to 2022, right up to the final failure and restart, which we consider offensive to the accompanying logo. Our history in the Promotion Championship. In this regard, the statement The impetuous mayor who claims to have saved football in Teramo, and who on the contrary has been unjustly thrown into one of the hellish circles of promotion, looks hideous and surreal (as it is indeed in most of his wise advertisements and is not backed by facts.) Clarity and truth are up to the fans of course , but they return to the entire affected community, just as it is also necessary to know the future of real estate asset management represented by the “Gaetano Bonolis” stadium, which is still in existence. Owned by a former club today President of Teramo Calcio. A ruling class capable of all levels, starting with a new mayor and a new administration”Mayor Corona, Mario Cosi, Osvaldo de Teodoro, Franco Fracasa, Giovanni Luzzi, Mirella Marchesi, Maurizio Salvi, Domenico Spracia, Pasquale Tiberi and Ivan Verzilli concluded.

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