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Ice Hockey Cup, Italy narrowly surrenders to the Czech Republic

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narrow defeat toItalia In the third game of Para Ice Hockey Cup to me Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. After knockouts against my host Canada (8-0) f United State (9-2), gold and silver, respectively, in the Beijing Paralympics last March, i Daho Azzurri surrendered to the Czech Republic with just one goalfor which she prepared herself 3-2. Both goals were scored by the Italians Christophe Dipaoli.

It is scheduled for Thursday, December 1 Semi-finals (20 and 24), while Saturday, December 3rd Finals With times yet to be determined. Italy will know its opponent after the confrontation between Canada and the United States.

This is a commentArtistic Director Mirco Bianchi At the end of the round:

We played well, we’re improving defensively and we’ve created some good chances in attack. The Czech Republic scored with 5 minutes remaining and that’s a sign that we stayed in the game until the last minute. However, we are completely behind in terms of athletic preparation and that has a big impact in the third game. In fact, we could feel the waste effects from the previous two challenges. I’m content defensively and that I was in the game until the end: now let’s see who we meet in the semi-finals. The positive also is the fact that this is a high level tournament and we haven’t played against Canada and the USA in several years. It is important for us to continue playing international competitions. The last one was the Beijing Paralympics and it has been eight months. It is never easy to recover and adapt to these levels, but this is what we need to grow and improve towards Milano Cortina 2026.“.

These are me players Participated in the North American Championship:

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goalkeepers: Gabriele Araudo (Sportdipiù) and Julian Kasslatter (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol)

The Defenders: Eusebiu Antochi (Sportdipiù), Gian Luca Cavaliere (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol), Alex Enderle (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol), Andrea Macrì (Sportdipiù).

attackers: Alessandro Andreoni (Polha-Varese), Christophe Dipaoli (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol), Stefan Kafmann (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol), Nils Larch (Disabled Sports Group South Tyrol), Roberto Radice (Polha-Varese), Matteo Remotti Marnini (South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Igor Stella (Paulha Varese), Francesco Torella (South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group).

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