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Donna gets upset during intercourse and finds out that she has a heart problem

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A 45-year-old woman discovered she had a heart problem after intercourse, which made her feel ill.

A 45-year-old woman risked her life in the middle of intercourse when she felt shortly after she had orgasm Noise in the shearWhich turned into excruciating pain. And the woman, whose husband had taken her to a hospital near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, discovered that she was infected AAS (acute aortic syndrome) And getting to the emergency room proved to be a special care.

Severe back pain, shortness of breath and difficulty moving, these are the symptoms that the 45-year-old experienced when she went to the hospital where, after a thorough analysis, doctors were able to confirm that it was acute aortic syndrome, the discovery bloodshed Somewhat consistent in the arteryThey had to intervene immediately before further complications occurred. The woman, in addition to being a persistent smoker, also suffers from untreated hypertension to complicate the clinical picture.

The circumstances in which the effusion occurred, according to some doctors, They are not common in women, while in men, the frequency of cases of this type as a result of intense sexual intercourse is not so rare. On average, women fall into a lower proportion of the history of this condition, so the event remains an exceptional case. According to a recent study, episodes of acute aortic syndrome can also occur In situations of extreme stress, including adultery. “The risk of sudden cardiac death during sex has something to do with fornication, which may result in a high or unexpected emotional response that makes a person more likely to develop AAS or sudden cardiac death” The scientists, who stressed that in the case in question, the woman had a consenting relationship with her partner, further highlights the rarity of the incident in light of this information.

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