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LUISS is introducing scholarships for Italian-Canadian students

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“After missions in the United States, Brazil and Argentina, the Luis “Guido Carli” University has landed in Canada to consolidate its global commitment. Between Monday March 13 and Friday March 17, in fact, the Pro-Rector in charge of Internationalization, Raffaele Marchetti, was in the land of Maples to meet companies and universities. In particular, Marchetti, who is also a professor of political science and international relations, held a series of talks aimed at strengthening cooperation with McGill University and Université de Montréal, as well as with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate of Italy in Montréal. Naturally, a visit to Canada’s oldest Italian newspaper, the ‘Canadian Citizen’, cannot be missed. Editor Basilio Giordano and director Vittorio Giordano welcomed him to the editorial staff, who interviewed him for the latest issue of the weekly published in Montreal.
“During an interview with the teaching staff, the pro-rector formalized scholarships for Canadian students of Italian descent (as already done for Italian-American and Latin American descendants).
“We are proud to lay the foundations for further expansion of our university education model, with the aim of recruiting new talent from Canada – said Professor Marchetti. In addition to the 90 scholarships for foreign students already allocated for the 2023-2024 academic year, we want to use scholarships aimed at students of Italian origin to give them the opportunity to study in Rome.
Studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world is an irresistible opportunity that our youth should take advantage of.
“As Italy’s leading university in the social sciences, we deal with politics, law, business and economics & finance. We are a bilingual university, half of the degree programs are in English, and according to the latest ranking by the QS ranking agency, we are ranked 14th in the world for political science. We are more than a university: We have strong connections with Confindustria and the government, we train government officials, advise; about 25% of Italian diplomats come from Lewis, and sometimes our professors become ministers. We are an international university, with various agreements around the world. One year in Rome, one year in Washington. , we signed a ‘triangle degree’ program last year with three degree holders who study business administration for one year in Beijing. The boys get a US degree by paying only Lewis taxes, which is much lower than overseas. And not just young people: we provide a large amount of management training to companies and public officials in Italy and abroad. There may also be ties with the governments of Quebec and Canada in the future”.
But the main reason for the mission to Canada is to engage Italian communities abroad.
“For Louis, the Italian diaspora in the world is a strategic partner and for me, personally, Italy has a hundred million people, some living on the peninsula, others abroad. We are the first Italian university to create a scholarship for students of Italian descent in Canada. No passport required, Italian grandfather or Self-certification of ties to great-grandfathers is sufficient.They can part of their training in Rome receive a degree or master’s degree in English or Italian, while strengthening their ties to Italy.
These are scholarships that cover full fees and in some cases accommodation expenses. Around 40,000 euros for a 3-year bachelor’s degree and around 26,000 euros for a 2-year master’s. Some grants also cover accommodation, so 7/8k per year, around 20k over 3 years. And there is no age limit. As with NIAF in the USA, in Canada we would like to have a dialogue with a subsidiary partner to increase grants and develop more programs, perhaps one in English-speaking Canada and one in French-speaking Canada. In fact, we want to create coordination in Rome, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to think about these issues. In our opinion, Italy has underestimated Italians in the world, if not even forgotten in some historical moments. Ours is a cultural project that aims to bring the issue back into the Italian political debate. We start with students to do more.
Therefore it is necessary to change the opinion of Italians abroad in Italy.
“We are not only 59 million people, but 6 of them are abroad. There are tens of thousands of people in the world who are entitled to an Italian passport and cannot get it due to administrative inefficiency: the waiting time in San Paolo is 10/15 years. People who have more or less strong ties to Italy and, if not legally, in the broadest sense All those who are part of the political community are included. Italy is a diaspora country, made up of some citizens in Italy and most of them outside Italy, a country spread over all continents, with 100/150 million inhabitants. They are probably Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, two of the world’s Not the big Italian cities of Milan and Rome.It would be a perfect and appropriate cultural change.
A professor of international relations had a question about the current geopolitical situation. “Without the Ukrainian question (the Russian invasion is unjustified), it seems to me that each is moving towards a redistribution of the world within its own sphere of influence. There will be much less interaction with China and Russia in economic, social, political and cultural terms. The tension between the US and China will be central. India or South A lot will depend on midway countries like the US. It will be a multipolar world, and the end of US hegemony is a reality. By 2030 we will have a very divided world, hopefully no world at war”. (ice)

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