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“I met Putin. What did he do while I was talking to him” – Libero Quotidiano

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Antonio Maria CostaThe former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations talks about his meetings with the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin to me Tagada, on La7, on the June 10 episode. “I have known I met the Russian President several times, including the right-handed Foreign Minister Lavrov“,” He explains that the tsar is not irrational: “It is Rational, cold, calculating. He knows what he wants. The reasons that led him to invade Ukraine go back to his country frustrationCosta adds. The first when he was sent to Germany and found himself in a wonderful country while the Soviet Union was collapsing, and 25 years later when he was at the head of a country that is a beggary people. Russia has since disappeared and he wants to replay it on the international stage,” explains the former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations,” referring to the war in Ukraine.

Testimony of former UN Deputy Secretary-General Costa in Tagada

“L”funny story More interesting, “Costa reveals”, is when I went to talk to him about the huge drug problem In Russia. I was referring to the 15,000 young Russians that Russia loses every year because of drugs arriving from Afghanistan. I’ve been taking notes as I speak The data is shaken. I found it a strangerI have not seen heads of state taking notes.”

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