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Anti-racism book burned in Canada: Asterix, Tintin and “The Lord of the Flies” banned.

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Literary refinement in Ontario. In schools, censorship of books containing “negative stereotypes” is induced. And removing it from school libraries alone is not enough. Books end at risk. They return to Earth according to an educational program called their own Returning to Mother Earth. It has been running for two years in schools in southwestern Ontario, Canada. According to a purification ritual that takes place in the name of anti-racism.

Since then, however, the audit machine, he remembers today Giulio Mioti On top of that Sheet, The strike continued. In the name of anti-racism, the culture of cancellation has targeted biographies of French analysts such as Jack Cartier and even comics including “Tintin” or “Asterix and Obelix”.

And it ends in the viewfinder Lord of the Flies William Goldingal, 1983 Nobel Prize in Literature. Canadian schools are banning him from the curriculum after students protested that “Golding’s novel” only reflects the power structures of the white man. ” Handmaid story Margaret Atwood was banned from the Toronto District School Board for under-17s.

Peel School Board, West of Toronto – rewrites Paper Warned against teachers.Darkness beyond the fence“By Harper Lee. On top of that The Wall Street Journal, Michael Topp, former speaker of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, writes: “When it comes to burnt books, people think of Nazi Germany, but the practice has returned to Canada.”

Led This destructive operation, in Ontario, by Mrs. Susie Keys, Thus defending himself: “People panic when books are burned, but it is a question of millions of books. Negative images of tribal and permanent people Are identical”.

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Dutch historian Christophe de Vocht is right – he concludes the memoir. Figaro What is politically correct is nothing more than a kind of “suicide.”

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