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The bear enters the house and eats a cake and then dares to escape

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An outsider… scary. a bear I got into one Homepagewhich made the owners flee in terror, and he tasted a dish too tasty for a bear.

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Bear at home enjoying chocolate cake

The bear infestation occurred in Simi Valley, California, along the Cherokee Walk, a green and wooded residential area. Encounters with wild animals are not uncommon here, but it is very surprising to find a bear in the house. A woman who was quietly at home, found herself face to face with the bear and immediately ran away with her son upstairs, locked herself in a room and reported the police. Meanwhile, the animal was rummaging through the litter and then drowned in the garden pool.

police intervention

At that point, the police decided to break into the house, as the hostess threw the keys to the house through the window and found the bear eating cake Chocolate was left unattended in the kitchen. To avoid killing the animal, the officers equipped themselves with rubber bullets. The police raid, however, frightened the bear, who first climbed a tree and then managed to climb the garden fence and escape.

Police advice

Simi Valley Police have also included some advice for citizens, in case they need to relive the horror the woman and her son experienced. This is what it is:
Close or close trash cans tightly
Remove pet bowls or bird feeders
– Cleaning barbecue grills and degreasing
– Be very careful before releasing cats and dogs into the garden
– Keep calm in the presence of bears without approaching
Keep a safe distance and make loud noises to try to scare the bears out.

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