Home Economy If you get scratched by a car, don’t run away: they’ll catch you like this from day one

If you get scratched by a car, don’t run away: they’ll catch you like this from day one

If you get scratched by a car, don’t run away: they’ll catch you like this from day one
Modern technology in cars – solomotori.it

Technology has made great progress in the recent years which has led each one of us to be constantly monitored through sophisticated tools and artificial intelligence.

Even the world of cars, but all vehicles in general, has been affected by innovations that creep into our daily lives day by day. Using a car for business or leisure leads many of us to spend part of the day inside the passenger cabin, which has become increasingly comfortable thanks to new technologies.

We are talking about all of the new genius Mechanical and electronic parts Make our car safer, for example, the mandatory and standard use of airbags, anti-lock wheel system (ABS), parking and rain sensors, but also real entertainment systems (infotainment) that enables a more relaxed and less distraction-prone drive.

Just think about the possibility of making cars real offices on the go. In most modern cars, once inside, it will be possible to connect your Apple or Android mobile phone to the USB port of the on-board computer and you will have direct access to the most useful applications for listening to music, talking on the phone and conducting meetings, all through the car’s speakers. , without prejudice to the Highway Code’s strict rules on improper use of a mobile phone.

But not only that. The installation of black boxes in our cars is becoming more and more common making insurance companies a fortune!

Black boxes or Event Data Logger (EDR), is the hardware that is installed in cars to collect them directory information. These devices can provide important information in the event of a road accident, such as vehicle speed, brake usage, steering wheel position and many other useful information to understand the causes of the accident.

The black box (EDR) in cars – solomotori.it

Insurance companies offer interest on the cost of the insurance premium For those who agree to install a black box in the passenger compartment, it is because it helps companies prevent false declarations of an accident by obtaining a reduction in the amount of compensation costs. In fact, everything is recorded: the situation, driving style, possible impacts while driving and also during simple parking maneuvers. Fooling the company with all this information at its disposal becomes impossible.

The use of black boxes has been the subject of debate in recent years, with some arguing that it is These devices are an invasion of privacy. In fact, in addition to basic use, insurance companies can determine the driver’s habits. Through our maneuvers we leave many traces that are saved in databases and can be used profiling processes In various commercial areas that, in the absence of guarantees, could harm our privacy and thus lead to illegal use.

One thing is for sure, the advantage for the motorist is obvious: on the one hand, it is there Significant savings on insurance costsOn the other hand Protected from any harm For accidents or acts of vandalism such as theft of car parts, bumps suffered while standing, but also severe scratches on the sides, the box connected to the battery will record any anomaly and the data can be used to reconstruct what happened!


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