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Ludit made Canadian history by winning in Javo, while Skofenig topped the Jakobane qualifier.

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The Class of 2004 from Calgary was a clear winner in the first race at Jao, where the pair will race on Saturday, with Race-2 scheduled for Sunday. Ludit gave her country the first victory in women’s jump history, thanks to a dominant first series, which allowed the owner of the World Cup ranking, Eva Pinkelnik, to dig an uncontrollable furrow from all opponents from 8.5 points away. . Another Austrian replaced Ciara Kreuzer in third place, who was relegated to the podium with Germany’s Selina Freitag 4a and Slovenia’s Nika Krizner 5a, Altas 6a. In Italy, Laura Malciner finished 21st and Jessica, 33, scored no points.

In the afternoon, in Sakopane, qualifying for Sunday’s race took place, while a group test is scheduled for tomorrow. Daniel Schofenic closes in on the HS point, 140m, to tie himself in behind David Kubacki and Anze Lanicek, 3.9 and 6.7 points respectively. On the other hand, Halvor Egner Granerud, 11th, had a tougher time with no easy wind. However, qualifying was mediocre as only 51 athletes were registered and Lejcek will not be the only one to compete in Sunday’s first series. Leave the Azzurri preparing for next week’s Japanese away match in Planica.

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