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“Hypochondriac, always hangs out with the doctors and is obsessed with Botox”

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how are you put it in? hypochondriacal or illness chronic? Professor Michael Clarke, Professor of War at King’s College London, said the topic was hotly debated: What does the president have? What kind of pathology are you resistant to? He said one thing for sure, which is His doctors never turn away from him. The analyst who was speaking with Sky News also cited a case Botox used “widely”. Botox injections relax the facial muscles to smooth lines and lines wrinklessuch as crow’s feet and expression lines.

Rumors about Botox first appeared after that Putin appeared for a meeting in Kyiv With a large bruise around the eye. His spokesperson has long denied using Botox. Professor Clark’s comments come at a time Rumors about Putin’s health are becoming more pressing Many point out that the 69-year-old is sick.

It was claimed last week that the Russian leader They got “urgent medical help” For an unknown disease. General SVR’s Telegram channel reported, according to reports from a Kremlin insider, that Putin was hit in the head “Feeling of extreme malaise, weakness and dizzinessThe Russian president is advised not to appear in public for “too long”. Symptoms will appear after he gets up from his office After a 90-minute virtual meeting.

There is a recent video in which Vladimir Putin is somewhat shaky on his legs while listening to Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov receive an award in recognition of his work in the arts. Footage from the ceremony shows Putin standing from the podium with his arms straight at his sides. It seems to be struggling to stay still, swaying back and forth in a wavelike motion.

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